About Us

A more personal online shopping experience

at The Gadget Lion we believe that although money doesn`t buy happiness money does in fact buy gadgets and gadgets make us happy. Set up in September 2018 by Kieron Marchant. After getting tired of the impersonal service offered by most other online consumer electronics and gadget sites. I wanted to try and bring back the personal touch to online shopping.

Having enjoyed using and working with innovative gadgets I thought that making the gadgets I love using or would love to own available to everyone was a great idea. Most sites seem to use automation to source and then sell their products which takes away the personal touch. Here at The Gadget lion our product line up has been selected personally and then made available for you to buy.

Having run a mobile disco for several years gave me experience with some amazing audio equipment of varying costs and with this experience i hope to be able to make an amazing variety of audio products available for you.